Pure Child Project

Let our children be true to their own true nature


Exploring pure child’s nature

Pure Child Project is an exploration of the purity of children. How can we as adults offer surroundings in which the purity, authenticity and connection with nature can be kept alive. What is this purity, what do children show us, how can we connect with our own true nature again. Let’s watch, listen and feel their presence and connect with them, and ourselves, fully.

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October 22, 2020

Pure Child Nature – Love

Elements coming together in nature and in a child. A fifth pure child nature portrait is born.
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September 29, 2020

Pure child nature, a story to tell

The story of the pure child project We are born pure, innocent, connected, as part of nature. As we grow up we lose more and more of our own true…
September 22, 2020

Elements coming together

This autumn I had the chance to travel around with a small campervan of my brother-in-law. I drove north to a camping place in a forest recommended by a soul-friend.…