The Pure Child Project originates from the wish to live in a world where everyone can be and express him- or herself. And beneath that there is a deeper wish to live more connected with ourselves, each other and nature. Following the deep wisdom we have inside and that is all around us, especially in nature. And aren’t we, as humans, nature as well? What will happen when we start following the flow of nature and our natural flow? Is it natural to run from appointment to appointment and sending whatsapp messages the whole day? What would happen if we let life just flow through us, what would we create, what would we explore, what and who would we care about?

Let our children follow their own true nature.

exploring a life in connection with our true nature
Pure Child project is an exploration of the purity of children. How can we as adults offer surroundings in which the purity, authenticity and connection with nature can be kept alive. What is this purity, what do children show us, how can we connect with our true nature again. Let’s watch, listen and feel their presence and connect with them fully.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all follow what feels right for us and explore where we are curious about? Isn’t that how we are born, pure and curious?

an unknown result
The journey invites me to connect with my inner pure child and step into an unknown world of what the project will become. I invite myself to be fully present, feel and follow the joy of my heart and letting go of any outcome, which will be the most difficult part for me in our production and achievement society.

There are several ways you can contribute to the initiative. You can follow your child and share your experiences in an ‘I FOLLOW’ story. Maybe you know families living in close harmony to nature or trying to do so in our Western world. Or something pure comes up to you, which can be an important

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