More than a film: Pure Child Project

By September 19, 2019 September 26th, 2019 No Comments

While I focus on what the film will look like and what I therefore need to film, other forms are already there to support the essence of the project, contributing to the awareness of the purity of children and their connectedness with life, and how to support this in daily life.

As parents we are invited to find out what first teachers we wish to be for our children (we are!), to let our children keep unfolding their true nature.

To support this mission I found the following forms that reinforce each other, with the film being only an aspect of the project:

  • performances on stage, consisting of film, photo, audio, text & stories
  • expositions of film, photo, sound and text
  • campfires (in your backyard/living room): to exchange questions, experiences and wisdom
  • travelbook: bringing together essences, stories and images to explore your way in parenting your pure child (it could also become a¬†children’s book with which you can travel together)
  • podcasts: dialogues and interviews with parents about their journey and discoveries in accompanying their pure children
  • website bringing all this together and sharable online.

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